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北京考博英语辅导班讲义(;不断增加中) 英语翻译与写作常用动宾词组一、政治类:把…捐给慈善机构 donate …to charities 把…看成社会公敌 look upon … as a threat to society 把…列为基本国策 list…..as fundamental national policies把…作为指导 take… as the guide 把理论和实际结合起来 integrate theory with practice …把握大局 grasp the overall situation 摆脱贫穷落后 get rid of poverty and backwardness 保护妇女权利不受侵犯 guarantee (protect) women’s rights against infringement 采取各种措施 adopt various measures参政、议政 participate in the management of State affairs 充满信心和力量 be filled with confidence and strength 打破僵局 break the deadlock 打破禁区 break off a forbidden zone得出结论 draw ( arrive at, come to reach ) a conclusion 锻造一支人民军队 forge a people’s army 对…具有深远的影响 have a far-reaching impact on对…做出重要(巨大)贡献 make important (great, major )contributions to 反对各种形式的恐怖主义 be opposed to all forms of terrorism反腐倡廉 combat corruption and build a clean government 高举伟大旗帜 hold high the great banner 给…带来机遇和挑战 present (bring) both opportunities and challenges to 根除 (防止,消除)*** root out (prevent, eliminate) corruption观察当今世界 observe the present-day world 缓和紧张状况 ease the tension回顾奋斗历程 review the course of struggle 加快改革步伐 accelerate the speed of reform加强舆论监督 ensure that the correct orientation is maintained in public opinion 坚持改革开放政策 adhere to the reform and open policy 坚持统一,反对分裂,增加 persist in reunification, oppose separation, increase 了解,化解歧见 understanding and iron out differences 减轻农民负担 alleviate farmer’s burden解放思想 emancipate our minds解决温饱问题 solve the problem of food and clothing 解决新问题 resolve new problems 进入世界先进行列 edge into the advanced ranks in the world 进入新时期 enter a new period 进行和谈 hold peace talks 进行战略性调整 make strategic readjustment 就…接受妥协 accept a compromise on 开发西部 remake the west开始生效 go into effect (enter into force) 开拓前进 open up new ways forward 科教兴国 rejuvenate our country through science and education理顺关系 rationalize the relationship履行权利和义务 perform the responsibilities and obligations 迈出重要的一步 make an important step热爱和平 love peace 深化改革 deepen the reform 审时度势 size up the situation 实现发展繁荣 bring about development and prosperity 实现民族独立 realize national independence 实现夙愿 fulfill the long-cherished wishes 实现小康目标 achieve the goal of ensuring our people a relative comfortable life 实现中华民族伟大复兴 bring about a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation 实行新政策 practice new policies 受到全世界广泛关注 attract extensive attention worldwide 缩小差别 bridge (narrow) the gap完成中华民族的振兴大业 implement the revitalization of our nation维护世界和平 maintain world peace 吸收各国文明的先进成果 absorb what is advanced in other civilizations 下放权力给 delegate the management of ... (to ...) 响应号召 respond to the call修改法律 amend the laws宣布…召开 announce the opening of徇私枉法 bend the law for the benefit of relatives or friends 依法治国 govern the country according to law引起全国的关注 arouse the concern of the whole nation引起全世界广泛关注 attract extensive attention worldwide赢得一个又一个胜利 win one victory after another 在…中起(至关)重要作用 play a major (crucial, an important ) role in增强凝聚力 enhance the rally power 增强综合国力和国际竞争 enhance comprehensive (overall) national strength and international competitiveness展望伟大征程 look into the great journey 展现生机和活力 display one’s vigor and vitality 战胜无数的困难 overcome numerous difficulties 振兴西部 revive the west振兴中华民族 rejuvenate (revitalize) our nation政企不分 mix up the functions of the government and enterprises 政企分开 separate government functions from enterprise management 政务公开 make government affairs public主张各国政府采取行动 urge governments of all countries to take action抓住机遇 seize the opportunity转变政府职能 transform (shift) the government functions 追求进步 pursue progress 追求真理 seek the truth走进新时代 march (stride) into the new era.遵纪守法、廉洁奉公 observe the relevant code of conduct and the law and honestly perform one来源:志天在职博士网本页网址:http://zzb.22edu.com/kaobo/kaobofudao/91011.html
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